SMB and Home Offices at Risk, Missing Firmware or Security Updates the Main Reason

Announced less than a week ago, ASUS a popular router/firewall often used in SMB and in-home offices reported a new variant of Cyclops Blink now making its way around again. If you're running one of the popular ASUS router models without the latest security patches and firmware updates you're vulnerable.

Devices like routers become lucrative attack surfaces due to the infrequency of patching and the absence of security software. The importance of patching devices in today's cyber ecosystem is more important than ever. If a device is on a network then it's at risk. If it's not properly patched the risks increase. If you're not updating firmware and security patches regularly experts say it's just a matter of time before you're compromised.

Do the following questions pertain to you?

  • Do you feel your home office is too small to be under attack by cybercriminals?

  • Do you know how to access your home router/firewall to check if firmware and security patches are current?

  • Would you rather know you're protected 24/7 and leave it to the professionals?

Contact us to discuss solutions we offer that identify all network devices, patches, and firmware status, in real-time. We have solutions to fully manage your network 24/7 or provide training to onsite personnel and are available when needed.

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