I thought my business was too small to have Dedicated Remote IT (DRI).

This is the number one question we’re asked after onboarding smaller clients.

If you ask this question, the short answer is NO because no business is too small. Read on to understand how Dedicated Remote Support (DRI) is affordable and the benefits of outsourcing IT.

DRI Services Hasn't Paid Attention to the Small Business for +15 Years.

From 1 person to 200+, over time, the scale has tipped in favor of the smaller business owners but don’t worry medium size business owners, you’re not affected in any way. Remote IT helpdesk has been around well before the pandemic, alive and kicking +15 years. Back then, the IT infrastructure went something like this; Companies offering DRI provided their services to small to medium-size businesses (SMB), targeting the larger side of the model mainly due to costs. In the past, DRI had more overhead, and a medium-size business had a more extensive IT budget. Due to budget restraints, companies that offered DRI services often skipped over smaller businesses. With the cost of doing business not met, small business owners’ majority of the time went without an IT solution.

Today, the opposite is in effect. Due to several significant changes which occurred over the years, the model balanced out, allowing DRI support for business owners on the smaller side. The costs of bandwidth decreased while speeds increased, the costs to maintain a Network Operations Center (NOC) decreased, and the collaboration of talent IT service providers benefit from today continues to expand, allowing best-of-class service. This allows DRI companies to operate at lower costs and expand their reach to small business owners, providing them with a budget-friendly complete DRI solution.

"Ok, I Can Now Afford Hiring My Own Remote/Outsourced IT, But Why Should I?"

  • Provides a cost-effective method for instant access to support technicians available to remedy technical issues

  • Decrease downtime and loss of productivity as response times are between 3-5 minutes.

  • Flexible scheduling, work done after business hours is easy to schedule, often without the end-user assistance.

  • Having 24x7 help desk support allows businesses to promptly resolve their technical issues and more time to focus on their primary business.

We also allow a pay-as-you-go billing model, IT budget-friendly and easy to manage.

Contact us today to discuss your business and how we can provide our services. We love hearing from small business owners and helping your meet your goals.

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