How to Choose the Best IT Provider?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

When you’re choosing an Internet Service Provider, you’ll typically have an easy time of it; options are limited in most areas, and narrowing them down usually comes down to the right mix of price and speed. Choosing a managed service provider (MSP), an IT provider that specializes in SMBs, is much different, because each business may have drastically different needs, budgets, and special use cases. There are also many more providers serving this space, so making the right choice can be a bit bewildering. Here are some things you should be keeping top of mind when hiring an IT provider:

Why do you need an IT provider?

Let's be real here, not everyone has the staffing budget to keep an IT person on staff full-time — nor, for that matter, does every business have the need. Running business IT can be a full-time job, especially if you’re putting forth the time and effort to ensure all your bases are covered.

Managed IT services run the gamut from consulting to full-stack tech management, with businesses’ needs changing over time with particular projects or initiatives. An IT service allows businesses to take a smarter and more targeted approach without worrying whether their systems are running at peak efficiency and safety. That, in turn, allows you to concentrate on your business’s core strengths.

What should you look for when hiring IT services?

There are three classes that you can mix and match depending on your needs:

  • Managed IT Services Your business may run from 9 to 5, and your IT needs tend to be a 24/7/365 concern. Your IT should be on the job even when you aren’t, managing your hardware and software needs while also safeguarding your business against security risks, attacks, data loss, and breaches. Rather than waiting to fix what’s broken, your IT should be proactive and focus on preventing problems so you can maximize uptime.

  • Air Tight Cyber Security Defence System In an environment where cyber security threats are constant, varied, and ever-changing, your business needs more than antivirus software and a strong dose of hope. An IT service should bring the skills and knowledge where your business may lack, and bring more attention to the table. They should be vigilant and have the ability to scale with your business ensure that you’re protected by proven techniques. Extend your protection even further with data backup programs that safeguard your and your customers’ data.

  • Application Support & Protection The cloud is more than just for data storage. It’s increasingly displacing and taking over many of the functions for which businesses would traditionally have relied on onsite servers or even bulky desktop computers. The SaaS tools leveraged via the cloud have lowered costs and infrastructure requirements, while also giving workforces an unprecedented level of access and mobility. The downside? If you and your team are short on time or technical know-how, understanding and maximizing that infrastructure can be difficult. A good IT service provides application support for many of the most commonly-used SaaS providers, including Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Sage, and LexisNexus. That means the help you need is closer at hand than dialing a vendor’s tech support hotline.

Don't wait & put your business at risk. Get started with a managed IT today

If you’re struggling to manage your IT needs, or are new to this and are still getting a handle on what you need, you are not alone. Contact Ambit today and one of our IT experts will start by evaluating your business and the systems you currently have in place and provide solutions that are tailored for where your business is, as well as where you’re going.

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