Cybersecurity Strategy Checkup

In the last decade, installing a decent antivirus software solution on your computer or a business-grade firewall at the office allowed adequate protection and you to sleep well at night. However, this approach won’t work anymore, rather you need to be proactive daily in real-time to protect your sensitive data.

Data breaches, once unimaginable continue to grow in huge proportion. While security loopholes, flaws, and vulnerabilities continue to increase many business owners are uncertain of their existing cybersecurity strategy. If you identify with any of the reasons mentioned below you're not alone and we're here to help.

Cybersecurity Shouldn't Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed

In today's cyber ecosystem worry is common among SMB owners, many feeling left behind and not knowing where to start. Industry leaders report an increase of 63% in cyberattacks, identity thefts, and data breaches year after year over the last four years. In some categories even higher. It's not uncommon to be left wondering if your cybersecurity infrastructure is beginning to crumble. There's a reason you feel overwhelmed, now more than ever, cyber security protection is needed on a 24/7 cycle and is often a daunting task for any business owner.

Plug Your Biggest Loophole: Employees

Two-thirds of SMBs have suffered a cyberattack in the past twelve months. Make security awareness part of your business culture. Rather than focusing exclusively on external threats, be sure to incorporate security awareness training within your organization. Your own staff may become a vector to spread an infection. To reduce this threat, provide ongoing information along with policies encouraging employees to discuss security, rather than an "out of sight out of mind" approach. Well-protected companies know it's everyone's responsibility.

We Can Help

You need cyber security protection 24x7 / 365 is your business capable to handle such a task? How could you achieve this feat going at it alone? Are your present cybersecurity strategies enough to counter all the risks? If not, or you have just one question, please reach out we're here to take this burden off your plate and fully protect your business against relentless cyber-attacks. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind.

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