2022 Cybercriminals Have Combined Forces and Expanded with New and Improved Attacks

Dear Business Owners, How's your Cybersecurity? As a business owner, are you:

  • Confident your business is well protected against today's cyber-attacks?

  • Covered by a remediation plan if an attack were to happen?

  • Capable of locating and isolating threats in real-time?

In this post, I want to deep dive and give you a better understanding of how today's organized cyber-attacks can affect your business, how cybercriminals joined forces and combined different attack stages to expand their reach of their victims.

1. Cybercriminals Expanded Their Areas of Attack, Giving Attackers Bigger Targets to Hit.

Beginning in 2020 and until recently, cyber-attack has been accelerated by the pandemic. They are now an organized crime, and as organizations grow, adopt new capabilities and use new resources, they are also changing and expanding their attack surface.

With the world focusing on the COVID-related news, the entirety of the cyber threat ecosystem pivoted to the same thematic content in lockstep, allowing an advanced methodic attack.

Pandemic also decentralized the workforces. Those working from home five days a week grew from 17% to 44% during 2020. This new change brings with it new challenges because the digital attack surface has now widened to every employee’s home internet connection.

2. The Cyber-threat Ecosystem is Better Organized and More Dangerous.

In this once vast, highly fragmented ecosystem, cybercriminals user to compete which gives the attackers smaller and less impactful outcomes. Today's cybercriminals work together with a systematic approach to distribute well-organized, often unrecoverable attacks.

By working together, one threat actor creates the malware "product" and sets up the infrastructure as an easy-to-use package or service. While lower-level cybercriminals may rent the service for their attacks, paying to use it for a set period of time or getting a cut for each successful compromise. Other threat actors act as distributors, sending emails with the malware and earning a commission on each successful infection.

To sum up, by joining forces, cybercriminals now widen and create a more sophisticated attack resulting in a more significant and negative impact on your business and personal life.

3. Fast Attacks are a Thing of the Past

Before joining forces, bad actors were fast and noticeable during their attacks. An attack became evident as your computer slowed down, the fan began running non-stop, pop-ups began appearing, the slow degradation of services was the understanding something is very wrong followed by a sinking feeling in your stomach your device is compromised.

Nowadays cybercriminals are spending less time inside networks before they're discovered. That's partly because when hackers deploy ransomware, they don't stay hidden for long. Within a short period, cybercriminals initiated their attacks, compromised all the required assets on the network, there's no point waiting around, so the criminals will execute the ransomware attack as quickly as possible. When you finally caught on, you often shut down your computer, but maybe the ransomware has spread, you called IT to assess the damage, which usually led to computer rebuilds.

4. The new Two-Stage Attack – Your Network Might Already Be Compromised

Today's landscape is far different; bad actors methodically prepare as what's apparent now as a two-stage approach, working together with other tiers of cybercriminals to carry out attacks. As the first tier provides access, the second sits and waits to educate themselves about your business, personal life, and any data they can gather about you. Their objective is to orchestrate a second attack that causes detrimental consequences to your business, personal life, and clients.

With this new approach, often by the time when the Remediation Action Plan (a series of engineering and geological procedures, in order to feasibly perform contamination cleanup actions over a strategic period of time) is initiated, the cybercriminals not only have stolen your confidential data or installed decryption keys to unlock your data, they also have covered their tracks, hardly leaving any trace, with the likelihood they've left a tiny backdoor available for future access.

Amit Has Battled the Cybercriminals since 2004, and We Want to Be Your Frontline Protecting Your Business.

The best way to protect the organization from cyber threats is to detect or prevent them before they've even had a chance to compromise the network. Our expertise and passion are catching those bad actors and not giving them any chance near your business. If you have any concerns with your cybersecurity policy or just want to learn how to better improve your system, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help protect your business as well we offer a full remote managed IT solution. Contact us today!

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