4 Cybersecurity Questions Small Businesses Need to Consider After COVID

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

COVID has taught us that offices will continue to get smaller – with businesses potentially offering remote solutions to provide individuals with more choices. This new era of more remote, more flexible working models will enable individuals to examine not only where, but when, and how they work. This follows a trend already in place for large enterprises such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, which started splitting their headquarters into multiple smaller locations during the past decade.

While pre-COVID provided a less volatile environment to implement remote strategies business owners today have not been given this luxury.

The logistics of encountering a ransomware attack using remote measures like RDP and VPN continue to increase 53% year after year since the pandemic started. Threat vectors are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

  1. Did your business quickly put in place makeshift remote procedures during the initial COVID outbreak to maintain employee productivity?

  2. While many ad-hoc solutions kept businesses operational keeping them intact creates a hazardous condition. Are you aware of what protocols are being used and how vulnerable they may be?

  3. Are you utilizing 2FA 2 Form Authentication) and password vaults?

  4. Do you provide adequate training discussing phishing attacks and user vulnerabilities?

2021 brings opportunities for new IT support ecosystems and companies that utilize these will be best placed not only to support the existing norm but to grow and succeed in the future.

Contact us today to evaluate your remote procedures to assure your business is safe. Since wayyyyyyyyy before Covid (2004 to be exact) Ambit has helped many small businesses around Austin to protect against ransomware and other threatening cyber attacks. Schedule your free consultation today and let's figure out a cyber strategy that best fits you and your business.

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